We create art, photography, even a movie

We are a team of skilled artists who love to create. We are focused on art projects, independent films, photojournalism and curating. We are participating in both, non-commercial and commercial projects.

Our team is made of artists from different fields, who created content for National Geographic, UNICEF or worked wit DOX gallery and Czech National Theatre.


Jakub Zajíček

Jakub Zajíček is a filmmaker, intermedia artist and curator. He started his career with music video production and from 2016 developed a connection between film and contemporary art with his first short movie entitled ‘From Here to Eternity’. He worked with the Korean National Television KBS in producing a documentary about the transformation of the Czech Republic from a communist to a democratic society.
In 2018 he started to work on first intermedia projects with international artists and shortly after that founded Fleo.cc art collective. From 2019 he cooperated on more than 20 projects with Hong Kong artist Wai Ting Loretta Lau, including exhibitions and performances in DOX – Centre For Contemporary Art, National Theatre and NTK gallery.

Michal Maliarov

Michal takes care of customers and external collaborators. Ten years of experience in the field of media and copywriting ensure that clients and the entire social background of the company is looked after well.
He can’t imagine his free time without friends and sport. The multimedia industry also remains his biggest passion, where he constantly tries to develop new skills and interesting ideas that help the company move forward.

Antonio Cossa

Antonio is photojurnalist and art photographer. He is working with many international NGOs like UNICEF or British Council, he is member of United Photo Press and Association of Czech Press (APF). In collaboration with Steven Spielberg, he documented stories of holocaust survivous. He was capturing the migration crisis and worked on a project for National Geographer in his home country Mozambique.

Wai Ting Loretta Lau

Wai Ting Loretta Lau was born in British Hong Kong. She worked as a visual arts teacher for 7 years, witnessing big changes since Hong Kong handover to China from the UK colonization. In 2018, she established herself in Prague as a political performance artist. Her relocating made her join one of the most recent waves of diaspora of the post-80’s generation.
Her first performance on 4th June 2019 entitled “Letter to my people” in DOX – Centre For Contemporary Art, which pays tribute to Liu Xiao- bo, the only Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner, and to the deceased students who sacrificed their lives for the brighter future of humanity. Recently, her projects comment with distinctive meditative-poetical methods on politically sensitive topics, spanning from the coronavirus crisis, through actual Hong Kong protests to the role of women in contemporary society. 

Nikol Pánková

Nikol is the creative soul of the whole team. Her goal is to give our projects the necessary zip and style. She’s been a make-up artist for over 7 years, but she also doesn’t shy away from other artistic fields. Hobbies include showbiz and fashion, which gives the team necessary insight.