We are video production
Need a killer commercial, tv spot or music video? We can do it all.
We are creative
We know your vision is the most important part of your product. We will help you use it right.
We are professional
We love our job and we do it from the heart. High quality is our top priority.


With our help you can be yourself.

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It all starts with a client meeting and brainstorming ideas. The best one will end up on our creative table, where we begin to shape it and create the concept best suited for our client. We also can’t forget our creative spark.


After the idea is finalized, a script is created and preparations for the shooting itself begin. Actors, helpers, equipment, specific location, date and time of filming are put into stone.


Everything is ready to go! The length of the shooting depends on the complexity of the project and client preferenes. We always try to make the best use of the time without affecting the final quality of the project.


After the filming is complete, the post-production phase begins. All the material is edited and forged into it’s final form. We also edit and revise the last details and make changes if required by the client.


We are a team of savvy and skilled people with a passion to create. Advertising campaigns, video clips, art, you name it. It helps us take your ideas, visions and dreams and create your visual business card. Something that captures the very essence of what’s important to you and your company. Is it a corporate image? Style? Respectability? Your dream needs a creative spark and Fleo is the right place to ignite it. .


heart of our company
Jakub Zajíček

Jakub Zajíček


Michal Maliarov

Michal Maliarov


Nikol Pánková

Nikol Pánková

Creative Assistant